Barramundi with pink pepper corns

Russel Norman is a London restaurateur who has a great grasp of morden dining, we love looking at what he is doing on the other side of the world and often use him for inspiration. In this case we have just directly copied one of his dishes as it is so delicious we thought we could not improve it.

We are using Humpty Doo barramundi fillets which is a divergence from the original recipe but the fish is so delicate it really works in well in this technique. 

The recipe is simple, you just poach the fish in a mixture of 50% fish stock, 25% orange juice 25% lemon juice with a big slug of olive oil, seasoning the fish well. place it on heat, bring up to a simmer, turn heat off, put on lid, wait 30 seconds, pop in pink pepper corns, garnish with chopped mint, dill and parsley.... eat! yum

Here is a link to the Polpo book and you should go and ask Jane at Antipodes bookstore for a copy it's a great read with heaps of simple recipes.




Even though we are in the midst of the wild windy winter down here in Victoria the sun is shining further north in the country. This is why capsicum is so delicious and plentiful in the markets at this time of the year. We were thinking of how to use these in the restaurant and our minds kept straying to Romesco de peix that classic Catalan dish of fish in almond and red pepper broth.

We had a great recipe for Romesco sauce from Frank the chef at Movida in the city and with a small alteration to make it gluten free which is not traditional but almost needed in this current restaurant environment in Melbourne as there seems to be many guests who can no longer tolerate wheat.

4 tomatoes roasted  on grill

6 capsicums roasted on grill till black
1 onion roasted in skin 30 minutes
1 head of garlic roasted in skin 30 minutes

175 roasted hazelnuts
175 roasted flaked almonds
65 ml sherry Vinegar
100 ml olive oil
1 1⁄2 table spoons sweet paprika

blitz it all together in food processor and you will have enough romesco for a week of suppers....

salt to taste