how to buy delicious wine from a restaurant wine list

The simplest method is to ask the wait staff what they recommend or what they are drinking as their knock off wine, you can be sure that it will be delicious and also affordable as the waiters don't get to indulge in the top end of the list every day. Currently this seems to be the favourite wine at Bistro Elba for the knock of drinks judging from the staff tabs. Which is suprising as here in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria the winters can be a little cold and wet, perhaps the wine reminds them of the wonderful seaside summer we just finished. 

Cusamano Insolia, 2015


The Cusumano winery was established in 2001, when brothers Alberto and Diego, took over the management of the company from their father, Francesco. With the help of an intimate knowledge of the Sicilian terrain and consultant winemaker Mario Ronco, the Cusumano brothers today own over 400 hectares (nearly 1,000 acres) of vineyards across 7 holdings throughout Sicily – bringing a bright explosion of modern, innovative and high quality Italian wine.


Following a slow, cool fermentation, the wine was allowed to mature on its fine lees in stainless steel vats for four months.

Tasting notes:  

Aromas of apricot, lemon meringue and white flowers. Medium weight on the palate with a nice, waxy creamy texture from the wine being left on lees. Just enough acid which just holds it all together.