Where to eat; Mornington Peninsula best restaurants

After travelling to the Barossa last week I discovered that finding out where to eat when you are travelling is much harder than it should be and the only place I found any real advice was on the Yulumba website. So I thought that people coming to the Sorrento area might need the same sort of advice, of course I recommend eating with us as much as is humanly possible but there are a few other dining options that I enjoy.


Point Leo Estate, this is not super close to us but really is our go to recommendation in the area, the food is perfectly executed bistro food in the main dining room and if your budget allows book a meal in Laura for some Euro, Japanese fusion of the finest that Victoria has to offer. While there say hello to all our friends and former colleges.

Del Posto is the place to go if you either feel like pasta or have to cater to children, Mel and Nick have created a great little Italian restaurant in the next town from Sorrento and with a clever little wine list alongside Mel’s deft cooling abilities there is much to like about sitting up at the bar for a glass of wine and a plate of pasta

The Independent Wine Store in Rye I am always more of a glass of wine in the evening type of guy rather than an early diner and so have often missed out on dinner and had to make do with cooking when I got home because I thought that as the sun was still up it was not yet time eat and suddenly it was after nine. Any how the ladies here know a thing or two about wine have great cheese and charcuterie and are just down the rd from del Posto….

Zarb and Ru in the morning there is nothing more important than a coffee, this is the place to get a great one. Seem like it is a bit of a drive but there is nothing more disappointing than a bad coffee and good coffee is harder to find down here than you can imagine.

Foxey’s Hangout the perfect winery experience is here, casual snacks, great view charming waiting staff and pretty good wines. This is not a dining room but a deck with snacks and wine…

Little Rebel coffee mid week in Dromana is the only time that the warehouse space that houses the Little rebel roastery is open, the offer is limited but the coffee is great

Merricks General Store a Peninsula institution and if you can get a table is the perfect place to start a winery day after enjoying a late brunch.

Montalto the dining room here is a bit stuffy and the piazza has some fairly underwhelming service but overall if you have a relaxed attitude to the whole thing and are in the sun on a Autumn day it can be great way to spend and afternoon

Monkey Business Dromana is another little restaurant owned by former Bistro Elba staff with a focus on being open breakfast lunch and dinner and right across the road from the beach, we often pop in for a late lunch or early dinner are a walk along the beach on the way to the huge IGA next door.